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Dune HD TV-102W Price:€125.00
The TV-102 is a solution for IPTV / VOD / OTT able to guarantee high performance at an affordable price, in an ultra compact and attractive.
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Dune HD TV-101W Price:€110.00
Dune HD TV-101W is a compact size hybrid universal media player which allows to play back video of standard and high definition up to Full HD (1080p), and also can be used as a specialized set-top-box for digital TV programs reception. 
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BTV Price:€285.00

BTV  is the ultimate entertainment machine. Watch Free Indian, Urdu, Hindi, Punjab,Turkish,Irani, Tamil, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Arabic and Afghan Channels!

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Habibi Tv Price:€320.00

Habibi TV is an Arabic IPTV Box!It includes your favorite channels from arround the arabic world, you can watch live football,film,shows and dramas on HD quality Channels. Built-in Wireless. No subscription fees.

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Turkish IPTV Price:€290.00

Kardes Tv is a turkish IPTV box for home use, watch your home country channels from every where without dish, just use your internet connection and watch live entertainment with unbeliebable picture quality. More fun with a variety of channels of news, sport, movies, cartoon and much more.

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OHBoX Price:€210.00

OHBOX African IPTV straight to your TV.The OHTVBoX is the biggest African TV offering outside Africa!

Plug and Play experience, straight out of the box.


watch your channels anywhere in the world

All you need is your INTERNET ACCESS!

operates through wireless/wired Ethernet – min 768Kbps)

OHBOX = Ethical African Program.


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Balkan Price:€270.00
Watch Balkan channels on your TV
Set with next generation settop box
HD picture quality
Ultra compact design of the box
Ability to record programs
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Kartina TV Price:€270.00
Kartina TV currently offers over 130 Russian channels over IP in HD quality via your broadband connection. Instead of receiving televsion or video by terrestrial or satellite methods Kartine IPTV is received via your broadband connection of 2Mbps or higher.
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